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 “You’ll never be a beautiful person or even a beautiful woman until you learn to have some regard for human frailty” line from the film High Society (Bing Crosby says it to Grace Kelly). Written by John Patrick.


I have been an actor, in a modest way, for forty years. Mine is a wonderful, cruel and stimulating profession which attracts and creates vulnerability and passion. I have always drawn pictures. When I got my art A level Mrs Evans, the art teacher, said it destroyed her faith in the whole examination system. 


There is a lot of hanging about making TV and film, in hotel rooms, dressing rooms, trailers. Sometimes nervous, sometime bored, occasionally drunk, I draw pictures of people.


I think I always start with the left eyebrow.



I mostly draw damaged people. Fragile. Fractured. Damaged. I think I add some whimsy. Nowadays I love the patterns and shape. Shapes can rhyme like words.


Lots have been lost or given away, but as I got towards sixty I dug up all the ones I could find and put them in a folder. I have about three hundred… a faint diary of the last 40 years.


I’ve played 400 parts in that time. Most of the roles I play are people who are fragile. Fractured. Damaged.


I get more nervous these days.


Bored rarely. Occasionally drunk.



Bill Tx